Property sales analytics with rbooli .

There is a great R package written by Thomas Reinholdsson as a wraper for the Booli API (Booli is a Swedish site which hosts data from the real estate market in Sweden)

There are many unexplored areas in the real estate data in Sweden, and this post will attempt to present a few visualizations and ideas.

Before getting started, you have to read and accept Booli’s Terms of Use and then finally register to receive an API key by e-mail.

After this, let’s install the rbooli package:

#check if the package is already installed
## Loading required package: rbooli
## Warning in library(package, lib.loc = lib.loc, character.only = TRUE,
## logical.return = TRUE, : there is no package called 'rbooli'
## Error in loadNamespace(name): there is no package called 'devtools'
#load the package
## Error in library(rbooli): there is no package called 'rbooli'

Next, lets call the API with the callerId and privateKey we received from Booli:

Written on December 27, 2016